Author: Loma Mier


My name is Loma Mier and I am a Care-Giver.  I’m starting this blog to share some of my experiences as a care giver for my husband, who fell in our kitchen and instantly paralyzed himself just over three years ago.   I thought others care givers might like to hear my story and how I have I been handling this unexpected situation and provide some tips on how I’ve made my life a little easier for my husband and myself.  If you would like to share your situation and provide insight and tips to make things easier for your patient and yourself please feel free to join in.  It would be great to hear from others and how they are coping.  I would like to hear your story and to learn about the types of facilities, equipment, medical care, food, getting dressed,  and personal hyjean tips among others on how to make our lives a little easier for the person we are taking care of as well as for ourselves.  If you need to vent, that’s fine, I’m sure we all have had our moments and it’s best to get it out there.

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